3D digital photogrammetric reconstructions for scoliosis screening

Patias P., Stylianidis E., Pateraki M., Chrysanthou Y., Contozis C., Zavitsanakis Th., 2006. 3D digital photogrammetric reconstructions for scoliosis screening. In: Proc. of the ISPRS Commission V Symposium Image Engineering and Vision Metrology, IAPRS, Vol. 37, Part B5. [pdf] [bib]


Scoliosis patients typically undergo numerous spinal radiographs during which they are exposed to relatively high doses of ionizing radiation. This has raised concern regarding the effects of this repeated exposure. Modern technologies for assessing spinal deformities are based on assessment of the surface topography of the back in various ways. Photogrammetry can contribute in direct measurement of the patient’s back and 3D reconstruction of surface shape. This paper describes the instrumentation, technique and the results of a portable system for screening for scoliosis. It is based on digital photogrammetric techniques and gives an accuracy of 1mm in 3D reconstruction of the back. From this, spinal deformations indices are derived and clinically tested for correlation to the Cobb angle radiographic measurements, which are considered the “golden standard” in scoliosis assessment.

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