maria04_100x100Dr.  Maria Pateraki is a researcher in the converging areas of Computer Vision and Photogrammetry. She obtained her Ph.D in Photogrammetry (IGP Group) from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ) and her Diploma in Rural and Surveying Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. She is an Assistant Professor in Photogrammetry – National Technical University of Athens and an affiliated Researcher of the Computational Vision and Robotics LabInstitute of Computer Science of the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas. Since 2019 she is also the Research Executive in ORamaVR S.A

Prior to these posts, she has been a research associate at the Geomatics Department of the University of Melbourne and the Cooperative Research Center for Spatial Information (CRC-SI) in Melbourne, Australia and a postdoctoral fellow at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Via her PhD research she collaborated with leading companies in the Geomatics and Photogrammetric sector for capturing and processing of 3D spatial information, Leica Geosystems (USA, Switzerland), North West Group (Canada), Pasco Corp. (Japan). She has also been a visiting assistant professor at the Computer Science Department of the University of Crete, Greece (2012-2014) and a visiting lecturer and postdoctoral fellow at the Aristotle University of Thesaloniki (2006-2007). She has been actively involved in more than 25 international, EU- and national- funded research projects, in the areas of Computer Vision and Photogrammetry for robotic, VR/AR, aerial, health, archaeological, architectural applications and her research focus is with respect to 2D/3D object extraction and tracking, 3D pose estimation, 3D reconstruction and image matching. Currently she is the Coordinator of the EU H2020 Research & Innovation Action project FELICE: FlExible assembLy manufacturIng with human-robot Collaboration and digital twin modEls, and the Scientific and Technical Manager of the Horizon Europe Innovation Action project SOPRANO: Socially Acceptable and Trustworthy Human-Robot Teaming for Agile Industries. In the past she has been the Coordinator of the EU H2020 project sustAGE: Smart environments for person-centered sustainable work and well-being,  PI of the EU H2020 project ACCORDION: Adaptive edge/cloud compute and network continuum over a heterogeneous sparse edge infrastructure to support nextgen applications

Contact email: mpateraki(at)mail.ntua.gr or pateraki(at)ics.forth.gr